• Specializations

    specialSpecializations & Methods

    Below is a list of some common issues I treat:

    1. Anxiety, Depression, Mood Issues.
    2. Relationship conflicts
    3. Teen/young adult issues
    4. Compulsive behaviors
    5. Grief and loss
    6. Sexuality/sexual orientation/gender issues
    7. Trauma
    8. Social skills
    9. Non-traditional families
    10. Parenting
    11. Adoption issues
    12. ADHD and organizational issues
    13. College counseling and Career Issues

    After many years of practice and training i have an eclectic approach to suit the individual needs of each person.  I provide coping strategies such as *CBT, mindfulness, “parts work”, meditation, and stress reduction techniques.  I also provide a general “talk therapy” approach with integrates different modalities and tailoring it for each specific client, always staying positive and using a “strength based” approach.

    * CBT:  CBT is an evidence based cognitive/behavioral treatment that has proven very effective in the treatment of anxiety, and mood and behavioral and personality problems.  It helps one to identify errors in thinking and also helps sort out what problems can be alleviated through creative problem solving and/or acceptance.