• New to Therapy?

    theraphyIf you are someone who has never been to a therapist, it can feel scary and intimidating to take the first step and call someone. This, of course, is a natural feeling when you are trying something new and unknown, or due to a “stigma” of growing up in an environment where therapy was not held in positive regard.

    The reality is taking this next step is a courageous and admirable act: to seek help for one’s suffering. Whether you feel plagued with anxiety, dark moods, or other burdens, talking to an unbiased, professional can help. There is nothing courageous to “suffer in silence”. As human beings, we are social animals and interdependent, needing to rely on each other for comfort and support. The therapy experience can help ease isolation, and heal old wounds.

    After arriving in my waiting room, you can help yourself to tea or water. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. I provide a comfortable, non-judgmental space where my job is to listen, understand, and give feedback. If you don’t have a clear idea of what is wrong or what to focus on, that is o.k. It is my job to help you figure this out. We then have conversations to help identify and work through challenges and areas of need. It’s an interactive process and will help you gain new perspective, develop new positive habits and ways of thinking, and make you feel more in control of your life.

    I have met many people who have spent years in pain and isolation, often with depression, anxiety or a general feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of meaning, thinking they have no control over their feelings or their lives. In truth, we have much more control over our feelings than we think we have….we just never learned the habits and skills to help ourselves. After all, this is not taught in our schools and, within some of our ethnic backgrounds, not highly valued.
    I encourage you to come in with a spirit of curiosity and willingness to experience change in your life. I firmly believe that we are all capable of creating more positive lives when we open ourselves up to a trusted and positive guide. My hope is that I can be that for you!