• Welcome

    I believe each of us, despite inner conflict and challenges, has an inner core of strength, calm and wisdom.  I believe, although life can be difficult and sometimes feel like an uphill battle, there are joys, comforts, and beauty to be found around the bend.  I believe that despite how bad or isolated you may feel, there are things in your control to help you feel better,  and people who can be there for you.

    AMYI have been in private practice for over 14 years and work with a diverse group of people; teens and adults, individuals and couples.   My central job as a therapist is to understand each person and their unique circumstances and concerns. I provide a warm, nurturing environment where I will support you and give you the tools needed to make positive steps, meet your goals, and better care for yourself.  My goal is to assist you in uncovering your best self, and to be more at peace in the world and in your relationships.

    I meet each client where they are, with no set agenda of my own. I’m interactive and genuine.  Whether you want to explore negative patterns, mourn current or past losses, manage anxiety or mood, understand yourself better within relationships, or problem solve a current challenge, we will focus on the areas you choose.

    Since opening my private practice in 2000, I am happy to report that I have seen countless people do significant work in therapy with me that has enabled them to experience more vitality and peace in their lives. Please feel free to contact me for a brief phone consultation to see if I may be a good match for you.